2003.11.16 22:37 "[Tiff] reading Affymetrix tiff images", by Sridhar Duggireddy

2003.11.17 14:18 "[Tiff] reading Affymetrix tiff images", by Frank Warmerdam

I am doing project on Affymetrix tiff images. Now I want to read Affymetrix tiff images. I am new to the TIFF image processing.I am not knowing what type of tiff images are affymetrix images like scanline-based, strip-based or tle based. Is there a way to know the type of the image? can you please explain with some program on how to read these tiff images.


I haven't heard of Affymetrix before, but generally it is helpful to use the tiffinfo utility to dump various tag information when trying to learn about a new file.

Of course, all the information about structual tags is also available via the API once you are working on a robust general purpose TIFF reader.

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