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2000.03.26 19:09 "Re: TIFF 7.0", by Niles Ritter

I found the following in my dusty archives.

What is the status of TIFF 7?

The last I heard from any TIFF techs was over three years ago, and they were about to send me a draft of the spec but got word that higher-ups wanted to "review" the issue further. Never heard back. Since then the techsup email address had been disabled.

TIFF, as an Aldus-Microsoft development, has always been the green-haired stepchild at Adobe, ever since they acquired Aldus (*). They've never known what to do with it, and I think secretly hope if they ignore it enough it will just go away. As evidence, for a while they continued to support the Tag-registry for extending and creating new tags that Aldus started, but try logging into Adobe's website now and getting any tech-support without joining some kind of (expensive) partners programs. This is kind of a bummer because there are a lot of new open-source developments that could really benefit from having a couple of TIFF tags to store the auxiliary data. We got GeoTIFF in just under the wire...

Has *anyone* been able to register a new tag in the last three years?