2011.05.05 16:44 "[Tiff] Is LibTiff 3.9.5 Thread Safe ?", by Katerina Sedivy

2011.05.05 20:16 "Re: [Tiff] Is LibTiff 3.9.5 Thread Safe ?", by Bob Friesenhahn

<<a bunch of threads requested to open different TIFF files all at the same
This is exactly my case

<<the library has been exercised at least once>> What do you mean by exercised?

For example, reading or writing a file.

There is no specific thread-safety code in libtiff. The code is written to be re-entrant but there are still some static variables.

On some systems, it is necessary to build code with particular options in order to be thread safe (e.g. C library functions may otherwise not be thread safe). Libtiff does not (by itself) provide any such build options.

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