2011.05.05 16:44 "[Tiff] Is LibTiff 3.9.5 Thread Safe ?", by Katerina Sedivy

2011.05.05 21:08 "Re: [Tiff] Is LibTiff 3.9.5 Thread Safe ?", by Frank Warmerdam

On 11-05-05 03:59 PM, Katerina Sedivy wrote:

Sorry I did not do a reply to all...


Thank you for your response. So you say that you use the TIFFGetField() in a multithread environement on multiple tiffs and it always returns the correct values for the bits per sample flag? You do not do anything special like Bob said about the exercising?


Yes, I do the multi-threaded access. I don't do anything special around the initialization but at worst this introduce a small risk from a race condition on start - changes of real-life problems are still small.

I have on at least a few cases used the multi-threaded TIFF reading quite intensively without apparent problems - for instance in web mapping benchmarks.

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