1996.12.05 22:28 "tiffcp and tiled, planar files", by Ed Grissom

1996.12.06 16:54 "Re: tiffcp and tiled, planar files", by Gary Burgess



Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known problem, or has this not come up before? (I realize tiling is not widely supported, nor is "planar" data, so I won't be surprised if no one has tried this)

I have noticed this problem too. I have an application that reads and writes tiled planar files using libtiff, without any problems at all. As you say though, tiffcp does not work with these files, and interestingly enough neither does xv. I haven't done any work to figure out why.

This was mainly an exercise to generate some files for testing our own internal TIFF I/O implementation, so does anyone have any small, planar, RGB multiple tile files that I could test with?

My application reads and writes an intermediate file in this format. I can easily use it to translate existing files, so if you are interested let me know and I'll send you some. I believe that, despite the problems with tiffcp and xv, my files are correct because I can read them successfully with libtiff.

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