1996.12.05 22:28 "tiffcp and tiled, planar files", by Ed Grissom

1996.12.06 06:56 "Re: tiffcp and tiled, planar files", by Bjorn P. Brox

I have run into a problem generating tiled, planar config = 2, RGB files with tiffcp. Unless I am doing something wrong, it appears that the problem lies in tiffcp's data copying routines, not libtiff itself.

If the length and width of "input.tif" are identical to the tile size (i.e. exactly one full tile), everything is ok. In all other cases, a variety of problems appear.

input.tif size tile size result
125x125 128x128 scrambled data
128x128 128x128 good image
250x250 128x128 top half scrambled, bottom blank
256x256 128x128 top half ok, bottom blank

Are you sure that the images is wrong?

How are you checking the images?

It migth be your viewer that does not handle tiled images correct.

The errors you describe is a typically error that happens when the viewer does not clip the parts of the right and bottom tiles that does not fit within the width and height.

When I implemented the latest PostScript Level 2 printing capability in tools/tiff2ps I inserted come clip-rects that manages this.

Try to use tiff2ps -2 to print the images and check the results.

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