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2001.01.08 15:46 "Transparent TIFF", by Bonita Simoes
2001.01.08 17:16 "Re: Transparent TIFF", by Peter Montgomery
2001.01.08 18:29 "Re: Transparent TIFF", by Stephane MBAYE

2001.01.08 18:29 "Re: Transparent TIFF", by Stephane MBAYE


few software supports the transparency while importing TIFF rasters. The best way I have found to maximize the transparency recogintion is to use the alpha-channel of TIFF. This works in many Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as MapInfo or ERDAS Imagine. I don't really know how to set the alpha-channel using Photoshop under Windows environment but it should be possible. Check TIFF or Photoshop manuals for additional information.

I hope that will help you for your work.

Best regards

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Envoyé: lundi 8 janvier 2001 16:46
Objet: Transparent TIFF

Can anyone tell me how I can make a TIFF transparent. I am working on

the Windows environment. Can it be done. After making a TIFF
transparent in Adobe Photoshop it saves it in a white background. How
can I tell if it is transparent?