2000.07.14 13:33 "Complex Images", by Frank Warmerdam

2000.07.14 13:33 "Complex Images", by Frank Warmerdam


A while ago we had a discussion of how to support complex image data in TIFF. While I proposed a lame-brained approach of treating complex images as a real, and an imaginary sample, others suggested adding new TIFFTAG_SAMPLEFORMAT's for complex images. I have since come around to this view point, and now have a pressing need to support complex images in TIFF files (since it is the working format for an application that is intended to work well with complex images - see http://openev.sourceforge.net).

Therefore, I propose that we add:

SAMPLEFORMAT_COMPLEXINT 5 /* !signed complex integer value */
SAMPLEFORMAT_COMPLEXIEEEFP 6 /* !complex IEEE floating point value */

Barring substantial disapproval, I will extend libtiff to support this, and produce some sample files for people to review if interested. Does anyone know of any other sample formats that might conflict with this?

Ideally this would eventually make it into a new rev of the specification from Adobe, but for the time being I am interested in providing the concept in action.

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