2006.10.16 20:34 "[Tiff] Tag 346", by Ross Presser

2006.10.18 10:20 "Re: [Tiff] Tag 346", by Gerben Vos

On 17/10/2006, Leonard Rosenthol <leonardr@pdfsages.com> wrote:

ALMOST any colorspace...You can't have indexed Indexed, indexed Pattern, indexed Separation or indexed DeviceN.

Ross Presser wrote:

First two make sense, but the last two are a bit surprising to me -- seems they could be very useful. Ah well, maybe in PDF 1.7 or something :-)

>From reading the spec, those two have already been possible since PDF 1.3. (I would think indexed greyscale and indexed separation are only marginally useful, though.)

But this is not TIFF, and thus off-topic...

Gerben Vos.