2006.01.03 11:52 "[Tiff] Strip Vs Tile", by Sonia S Kumar

2006.01.03 16:09 "Re: [Tiff] Strip Vs Tile", by Bob Friesenhahn

My Query is regarding the layout of Tiff Images.

When to save a Tiff image as Tiled and when to save a Tiff image as Strip??

More software knows how to read stripped TIFF than tiled TIFF. Tiled tiff is best for very large images where the reader/writer wants to access a subset of the image. Since most software stores an image as contiguous bytes in memory it is usually faster to read/write the whole image if it is stripped TIFF. But if the strips are extremely large there can be performance problems as well.

If there is no practical reason to save the image as tiles, then I recommend using strips.

While saving, should we consider the layout of the original Tiff image which we opened??

That depends on the intentions of your software.

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