2010.06.17 15:39 "[Tiff] libtiff 4 API/ABI stability?", by Adam Goode

2010.06.17 16:34 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff 4 API/ABI stability?", by Adam Goode

On 06/17/2010 12:28 PM, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

I was wondering if there are going to be any API or ABI incompatible changes before the final release of libtiff 4.

I know that it is still in beta, and may not be so close to a final release, but I was hoping that I could count on programs compiled against the beta would work without recompiling against the eventual final release.

Any thoughts on this?

The libtiff4 API and ABI should be pretty stable. I am not aware of any API/ABI changes in this protracted beta cycle. However, I would like to make a few global variables go away prior to the release, and removing them would technically change the ABI even though they are not intended to be used as part of the API.

Yeah, getting rid of globals is a great thing to do. I started to look at this some months ago: which globals are you interested in eliminating? I had an idea for introducing new API calls that don't use various globals so that new code could be safe, while old code could still work as before.

We could identify this and put into a blocker bug for the release of libtiff 4.