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1993.11.10 20:31 "tiff display", by Sam Ramamoorthy
1993.11.10 22:00 "Re: tiff display", by Dan Seyb

1993.11.10 22:00 "Re: tiff display", by Dan Seyb

how do you display tiff images?

XV is the best image displayer/manipulator i have found for TIFF and bunches of other image formats. It is available from, and probably several other places. It displays the image on your display, so sometimes that will limit what you actually see. The program was written by John Bradley (

For hardcopy, the only suggestion i have is use XV or another converter and convert to a PostScript file. If that does not suit, it "would not take a whole lot of work" to write a simple program to output the control codes and (if needed) dither colors for things like PaintJet plotters and the like. We have a program that took a week or so to write that handles the half a dozen or so output devices we use.

Good luck.

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