2008.02.06 10:01 "[Tiff] Why is TIFF/zip not a default option?", by Anders Sewerin Johansen

2008.02.06 10:34 "Re: [Tiff] Why is TIFF/zip not a default option?", by Andrey Kiselev


On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 11:01:59AM +0100, Anders Sewerin Johansen wrote:

Can anybody at the mailing list elaborate on why zip/deflate compression of image data is not enabled as a default in libtiff? Is it e.g. because it's still considered experimental, or is there some other reason (technical, legal, "inertia",...)?

Deflate is enabled by default if development package of zlib is installed (deflate depends on that 3rd party software separate from libtiff). That's how it is configured on POSIX system where we have automatically configuring shell script. If you are using MSVC compiler environment then you should enable zlib support manually and point where it is installed on your system, because we can't automatically configure with MSVC.

So I really can't understand your question, libtiff is being distributed with deflate option enabled by many vendors and there no reason to disable it.

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