2000.11.07 15:55 "OJPEG vs JPEG", by Michael O'Rourke

2000.11.08 14:20 "Re: OJPEG vs JPEG", by Ken Murchison

Can someone point to me to the spec of JPEG vs OJPEG. The TIFF 6.0 spec seems to only be OJPEG since it talks about compression tag value of 6. No where in the 6.0 spec do I see info about compression tag value of 7, so I'm assuming that this is elsewhere?

I need to provide this info to Kodak. Their TWAIN driver currently write OJPEG TIFF files which I'm sure we'd all like to see changed to JPEG TIFF files....

TWAIN driver for what product?

Kodak is an integral part of PIMA and the TIFF/EP spec (http://www.pima.net/standards/iso/tc42/documents/N4378.pdf) which they themselves have implemented in their DCS 5xx/6xx cameras. It would be pretty scary if some group in Kodak is still using TIFF/OJPEG when most of the company has gone out of its way to avoid it.

If you're talking about what used to be the Wang Imaging crapplication, then this is a different story.

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