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2002.08.01 05:39 "Tiff AND CMYK", by storein
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2002.08.20 09:21 "Re: RE: Tiff AND CMYK", by storein

HI Paul Kox
   thank your advice.

I readed the Tiff6.pdf file, especially CMYK section.

but I find it is difficult for me to write my program to read and write Tiff file,

I want to find a easy way to do it.

such as using somebody source code or changing a little.

Do you have these source code?

help me!

thank you advance

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>Hi Storein,
>Probably you should read this discribes the how tiff layout and will be sufficient for you to read and write CMYK Tiff's, No mather what kind of plannair config you use. By the way for cmyk use PhotometricInterpretation ( tag 262 ) == 5 (see page 69)
>good luck

I want to read and write CMYK color mode tiff image file.

but I don't know how to do it?

My purpose is that I read every channel of CMYK tiff file ,I decode it and Save the every channel to the memory, I dispose every pixel value of every channel of CMYK, then I code and write it to CMYK color mode file.

Do you give me advice?

   Thank you very much


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