2008.04.10 15:56 "[Tiff] PREFIX with a comma?", by Dean

2008.04.10 18:11 "Re: [Tiff] PREFIX with a comma? [RESOLVED]", by Dean

Bob Friesenhahn wrote on 04/10/08 12:50:

Help me understand which piece of the equation is causing the problem. Appears to me that libtool is passing some arguments to g++ which barfs because it uses commas to delimit values to its arguments. Is that the situation?

Yes, that is the situation. Unfortunately, I did not save your original mail so I don't remember what options are being applied to GCC. If it is options to support a library run-path then it may be possible to disable that via a configure script option.

Spaces and commas are completely valid filename characters "in a unix world."

   Symlinks won't work because of company policies and we have 788 other

software installs that don't mind having a comma in their directory name.

Right. Anything but null characters is valid in a unix world. It is just that scripts and tools have problems with some other characters.

I suggest that you post your complaint to 'bug-libtool@gnu.org'. Forwarding your original email with a note at the top should be fine.

Thanks for the help everyone. I switched over to the Forte compiler and it handled the paths. Now I have a new problem which I will start a new thread on. (-8

For posterity's sake here's the configure script:


OS=`uname -r`



ZLIBS="${SOFTDIST_DIR}/zlib,v1.2.3" JPEGSRC="${SOFTDIST_DIR}/jpegsrc,v6b"

CC="${SOFTDIST_DIR}/forte_dev/bin/cc"; export CC CXX="${SOFTDIST_DIR}/forte_dev/bin/CC"; export CXX

./configure --prefix=${PREFIX} --bindir=${PREFIX}/${OS}-bin.${ARCH} --libdir=${PREFIX}/${OS}-lib.${ARCH} --includedir=${PREFIX}/${OS}-include.${ARCH} --mandir=${PREFIX}/doc/man --with-zlib-include-dir=${ZLIBS}/${OS}-include.${ARCH}

--with-zlib-lib-dir=${ZLIBS}/${OS}-lib.${ARCH} --with-jpeg-include-dir=${JPEGSRC}/${OS}-include.${ARCH}

--with-jpeg-lib-dir=${JPEGSRC}/${OS}-lib.${ARCH} --enable-cxx

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