2002.09.19 11:03 "TIFF Curious", by Mike Southern

2002.09.19 19:26 "Re: TIFF Curious", by Joel Schumacher

Almost any image manipulation software that's worth anything will read TIFF and write JPEG or vice versa.

Yet image conversion isn't the only thing you need to do. You need a specific image enhancement algorithm. Photoshop is a very powerful product and is probably the best in the industry. Yet despite all of it's features, you still needed to go to an outside company to buy a specific image processing algorithm, the Intellihance plugin.

Many imaging programs have basic image enhancement algorithms, but if Photoshop needs help, you probably aren't going to find any of them that will do what you want off-the-shelf. Unless it can run your Intellihance Adobe Photoshop plugin, they're not worth anything to you.

Do Gimp and ImageMagick handle Adobe Photoshop plugins? It's my understanding that plugins are windows or mac code, possibly requiring windows/mac libraries, so I'd be extremely surprised if these Linux tools will handle your plugins. I could be wrong about what plugins are and what these packages handle.

I'm pretty happy with JASC's Paint Shop Pro for Windows platforms. It costs between $80 - $100 retail (much cheaper than Adobe products).

It can handle Photoshop Plugins - or at least most of the time. I've had problems so I wouldn't rush out and buy 72 copies. But you may want to give it a shot and see if your plugin works with PSP.

They also have a product called Image Robot that seems to be able to handle some scripting. I don't have that product. I don't know whether it handles plugins or whether it can do all PSP can do. But it might be worth a look too if you've got high volume and repetitive tasks to do.

They are at www.jasc.com. I think there are demo versions available, but I'm not sure whether they are crippled or not.

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