2005.01.07 20:18 "[Tiff] JPEG (T.30-E, fax) in TIFF", by Lee Howard

2005.01.21 20:44 "Re: [Tiff] JPEG (T.30-E, fax) in TIFF", by Andrey Kiselev

Here is the link to the bug report that I filed a few days ago:

It contains a link to this mailing list thread.

But still, the triple stripoffsets/counts have to come from somewhere, and this weird usage TIFFWriteRawStrip is probably the best candidate...

I've also produced the TIFF without the weird usage of TIFFWriteRawStrip, and the problem persists. Instead, the problem seems to do with the SamplesPerPixel tag, as I've noted before. When it's set to "1" then I only get one value in StripOffsets/StripByteCounts. When it's set to "3" then I get three values in each. This happens no matter what I do with TIFFWriteRawStrip.

Hi, Lee,

You should set at least one of these two tags: ImageHeight or RowsPerStrip. If you skip both libtiff makes assumption that you have a strip for every component. I don't know why libtiff operates in such way, probably there was some reasoning in the first place. So just set the ImageHeight and problem should go away.

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