2005.01.02 08:55 "[Tiff] tiff question - performance on large files", by Natalya Katz

2005.01.05 21:49 "[Tiff] Re: tiff question - performance on large files", by Ian Ameline


I regularly write and read tiffs with dozens of images in them (as layers) averaging 2k by 2k pixels or more, and have been satisfied with the performance. I've also not noticed any significant performance difference with LibTiff comparing Win2k, WinXP, or Mac OSX. Performance also seems relatively constant across compilers -- I've used VC6, VC7, Intel 7.1 and 8.0 on Intel machines -- +- 10% or so is all I see from the optimizations variances among the compilers, and that mainly for the LZW or deflate codecs.

I suspect the problem is that LibTiff doesn't scale well to thousands of images in one tiff file. What you're doing is probably an unusual and unexpected (on the part of the libTifff designers) use of LibTiff.

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