2024.03.05 08:20 "[Tiff] new release of checkit_tiff, a fast conformance checker for baseline TIFFs", by Andreas Romeyke


checkit_tiff version 1.5.0 "deep funky funk" is now available.

checkit_tiff is a conformance checker for baseline TIFFs and is one of the fastest TIFF validators (1751 TIFFs in 2.75s on Core i7, 4.8Ghz)

New features:

Side note: Both of the checks mentioned are not yet supported by “dpfmanager”¹.

Error images at Imagemagick results in messages:

Bug fixes:

The JS variant and TAR-ball are available at http://andreas-romeyke.de/software.html#_checkit_tiff

The release is available in the repository at https://git.fsfe.org/art1pirat/checkit_tiff/releases.

I would appreciate any feedback!

Best regards Andreas

¹dpfmanager is a conformance checker for TIFF that was developed as part of Preforma.

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