2002.10.13 12:16 "convert b/w tiff to jpeg", by Frank Murche

2002.10.14 08:35 "Re: convert b/w tiff to jpeg", by Andrey Kiselev

Hello, Frank,

I need some help in converting a b/w tiff image into a jpeg. I had a look on the tiffcp. With a greyscale image is the conversion no problem, but if I try it with a b/w image then I get following message:

"JPEGSetupEncode: BitsPerSample 1 not allowed for JPEG"

I gess only to change the bitspersample parameter is not enough. Who can tell my in which way I must manipulate the tiff image that the jpeglib process the image? (It can be a quick and dirty solution).

You may try this commands:

$ tiff2rgba -n <infile.tif> <temp.tif>
$ tiff2bw -c jpeg <temp.tif> <outfile.tif>

Best regards,

Andrey V. Kiselev
Scientific Research Center for Ecological Safety Russian Academy of Sciences
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