2000.12.15 09:50 "Stripes in thumbnail", by Christian Bednarek

2000.12.19 05:19 "Re: Stripes in thumbnail", by Peter Skarpetis

The only problem I have seen with libtiff's G4 handling is when processing TIFF files produced by some of the computer FAX packages and hardware. Almost all of them are buggy, and produce screwy TIFF files. The problem is that libtiff doesn't deal with some of them very gracefully. As an example, take the puzzlingly popular, overpriced and very buggy GammaFAX cards. They set the image length to zero, and this makes libtiff seg fault. I know they are doing the wrong thing, but perhaps libtiff could do sanity checks on the data, and behave more gracefully.

I agree with you there. We have been using it in our products for a few years know, and our customers have processed millions of pages of CCIT G4 compressed files from various sources without a problem.

The only problem we ever encountered was with files larger that 65535 pixels, which I am happy to see the whole TIFF community got together and quickly resolved that problem

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