1993.09.08 23:09 "feedback on v3.3beta002?", by Sam Leffler

1993.09.09 22:29 "Re: feedback on v3.3beta002?", by Craig Jackson

Yesterday, I used various things (tiffcp, tiff2ps, tiffdump, tiffcmp) on VMS 5.5 using VAX C 3.2. tiffcp tickled a bug in VAX C 3.1, so I found a node with 3.2.

BTW, I have two images that should differ only in their photometric interpretation. tiffcp doesn't have an option to change this, and tiffcmp reports both the tag and the data as different, without trying to fix it. Is there a tool I can use to flip one of them? (I know it's a relatively simple program using libtiff, if I need to write one.)

Craig Jackson
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