1993.09.08 23:09 "feedback on v3.3beta002?", by Sam Leffler

1993.09.09 21:16 "Re: feedback on v3.3beta002?", by Alex Kiernan

At least 30 folks have ftp'd the latest code, but the only report that I've gotten so far is that it works on a Mac under Think C w/ 32-bit ints. I'd feel better if folks would give me more feedback on what kind of machines it works on. Aside from the Mac w/ Think C, I already know that it works on SGI and Sun systems (under SunOS 4.1.3).

Time to come clean... I have the code & got it running very cleanly under on an Atari under TOS; with the addition of a tif_atari.c, a Makefile and one bug fix to a source file which left the compiler complaining (IIRC tif_dir.c has a {v32 = ...; if (v)} type thing). Thus far I've compiled it int = 16bit, int = 32 bit, with parameter passing in registers and on the stack all with no problems at all.

Actually I just haven't gotten around to sending you the diffs yet ;-)

Alex Kiernan.