2002.06.19 16:06 "Old JPEG in TIF", by Florin Suciu

2002.06.19 16:06 "Old JPEG in TIF", by Florin Suciu


Does LibTif support old JPEG in TIF?

Which is the correlation between old JPEG in TIF fields? I want to get from TIF the coded information regarding to old JPEG. How can be built the coded information concerning to an old JPEG baseline embedded into a TIF file? But for an old JPEG with lossless process with Huffman coding?

Bottom are the fields that are applicable to “JPEGProc =1” and “ JPEGProc =14”

Tag Name                               JPEGProc =1     JPEGProc =14

JPEGInterchangeFormat               X                          X
JPEGInterchangeFormatLength    X                          X
JPEGRestart Interval                     X                          X
JPEGLosslessPredictors                                             X
JPEGPointTransforms                                                X
JPEGQTables                                X
JPEGDCTables                             X                           X
JPEGACTables                             X

,where for “JPEGProc 1” means Baseline sequential process and for “JPEGProc 14” means Lossless process with Huffman coding.

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