1994.06.17 19:20 "Printing manual from Mac.", by Bob Carpenter

1994.06.18 01:19 "Re: Printing manual from Mac.", by Bob Carpenter

I'd like to print the (formatted) manual pages from my Mac, is there a way to do this.

I presume you're talking about the TIFF Specs on the sgi.com archive, which are in PostScript.

No, sorry I wasn't clearer - I had no problem printing the TIFF Specs.

I meant the manual that is broken into sections and resides as Unix files (troff, I believe) in the man directory that comes as part of v3.3beta002.src.tar. There are two dirs under 'man': 1) man1; 2) man3. Each of these subdirs contain what appears to be manual sections for libtiff. Though, I'm slightly confused about the different types. In 'man1' the file extensions are '.1', in 'man3' they are '.3t'.