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1994.06.17 19:20 "Printing manual from Mac.", by Bob Carpenter
1994.06.17 16:57 "Re: Printing manual from Mac.", by Niles Ritter
1994.06.18 01:19 "Re: Printing manual from Mac.", by Bob Carpenter
1994.06.20 13:20 "Re: Printing manual from Mac.", by Derek Jean-Baptiste

1994.06.17 16:57 "Re: Printing manual from Mac.", by Niles Ritter

I'd like to print the (formatted) manual pages from my Mac, is there a way to do this.

I presume you're talking about the TIFF Specs on the archive, which are in PostScript.

Included with the Mac system installation disk is a utility called "LaserWriter Utility"; if you start this up, one of the menu options is called "download PostScript file" or similar. You may use this to send the spec file to the printer. Then go off and have some coffee. Also, you should do this late in the day or when no one else will want to use your printer, as the file is over 100 pages long. The download will also take over your Mac for the duration, so be patient.

Seems like I should be able to generate postscript files on a Unix machine from the manual pages, but I don't know how. None of my Mac software will convert the files.

PostScript is pretty unwieldy; it's actually a full-blown postfix notation programming language, so converting requires writing a compiler or interpreter. there is a version of "GhostScript" for the Mac that can rasterize PostScript files (as well as "gs" on unix machines), but I don't know how well it handles large multi-page files. I also don't know much about laser printers driven from unix; I would probably do something like "man -k postscript" or "man -k laser" or something to see what you got.

Hope this helps.