2007.04.11 23:10 "[Tiff] O-JPEG problems", by Mick O'Neill

2007.04.29 22:56 "RE: [Tiff] O-JPEG problems", by Mick O'Neill

People are right. It looks like I am getting the unstable version, but the CVS does not seem to want to give me the stable one. Tried again this morning, and definitely requested the stable version (just to make sure). When I compiled this morning's stuff, still I was getting the same results - so I did a compare on what was retrieved today, and what was retrieved last week - and there were a couple of differences, the most notable being that change I noted the other day in the tif_dirinfo module (the other changes were to a couple of the tools).

All this indicates to me that I am retrieving the unstable version, although (with my very limited CVS knowledge), it seems as if we are requesting the stable one.

And so, I was wondering if someone who has the stable version could help me out with this. I have set up an FTP sub-account on my webspace. Would someone be able to upload an archive of the stable version here for me...please. Address is ftp://midimick.com, the login is 'testbig' and the password is 'libtiff'. If someone could do this for me, it would be so much appreciated.

Thanks all, in anticipation

Mick O'Neill.

>From: Andrey Kiselev <dron@ak4719.spb.edu>

Are you using the stable 3.9 branch? I just checked out your image and it works fine with latest CVS snapshot of the stable libtiff.

I have done this also, and all of the images decode fine.