2006.05.31 16:56 "[Tiff] OT: jbig2 patent licensing", by Alberto Accomazzi

2006.06.04 06:41 "[Tiff] sample code for 48bit color tiff read and write using LIBTIFF", by Venkatasalapathy D - TLS, Chennai


We are working image processing for TIFF file.

Please give me sample code for 48bit color tiff read and write using LIBTIFF

Thanks and regards,
Venkat D

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I don't think it's off-topic in the least. I think it's high time to break the PDF monopoly on useful JBIG/2 formats, and add JBIG/2 to TIFF!

We are currently evaluating the "imperialviolet" JBIG2 code, and it looks pretty good. It's licensing is fully open-source, so a melding of it with libtiff seems like a very good idea to me.

Unfortunately, this JBIG2 code depends on yet another obscure library which then depends on additional libraries. It was not coded as an easily used unit like libjpeg. Also, I looked at the code for a few minutes and it did not look very portable yet.

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