2023.04.03 20:50 "[Tiff] Remove TIFFCROP from LibTiff", by Sulau

2023.04.04 14:04 "Re: [Tiff] Remove TIFFCROP from LibTiff + tiff2ps & tiff2pdf ?", by Even Rouault

There is the possibility to create a separate project/package for these "unmaintainable" libtiff utilities in order to significantly lessen the degree of distress on libtiff itself but still allow these utilities to be maintained, and released on a different schedule and by perhaps different volunteers. To me this seems better than to create more dead source code in the libtiff package.

That's an alternative I considered. But who are those potential contributors to which we would give the "keys" of the repo? In the absence of people stepping up to create & maintain such repository for those tiff tools, moving the code to archive/ could be a first step to preserve the source code, and if someone wants to resurrect it, they can start from that and we would remove it completely from libtiff itself at that point.

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