2023.04.03 20:50 "[Tiff] Remove TIFFCROP from LibTiff", by Sulau

2023.04.07 00:05 "Re: [Tiff] Remove TIFFCROP from LibTiff", by Miguel Medalha

I'm leaning towards releasing 4.5.1, with the current state of master, as the last version shipping with tiffcrop, tiff2pdf and tiff2ps being built with autoconf/cmake, with a warning in the release notes noting they will be moved into archive/tools for 4.6.0.

If that is indeed the final decision, can you please point me to other command line tools performing the same functions as tiff2ps and tiff2pdf? Please don't answer "ImageMagick". I very much cherish and heavily use it, but in this case it's just not the same.