2006.07.05 14:49 "[Tiff] XTIFFClientOpen()", by Gerben Vos

2006.07.06 16:18 "Re: [Tiff] XTIFFClientOpen()", by Frank Warmerdam

we're still using the quite ancient version 3.5.7 for our production software, with the XTIFF extensions for private tags.

Recently, we had to implement an alternative read/write interface as with TIFFClientOpen(), but we noticed that there was no XTIFFClientOpen(), only XTIFFOpen() and XTIFFFdOpen(). We have now added such a function locally, with the obvious implementation, and it seems to work.

Does anybody still know if there was any reason why this function was originally left out of the XTIFF extensions, or was it just an oversight?


I think it was just an oversight. Libgeotiff does now include an implementation of XTIFFClientOpen().

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