2005.08.03 09:27 "[Tiff] Overlay Hyperlinks On TIFF", by Chux Amobi

2005.08.08 11:02 "Re: [Tiff] Overlay Hyperlinks On TIFF", by Rob van den Tillaart

Is it possible to use basic web scripting to overlay image hyperlinks on a TIFF map in an IE webpage?

Yes, it can be done with any image format that the browser can load and display as an in-line image since clickable image maps are defined separate from the image, however, most web browsers do not load TIFF files.

interesting concept, embedding the clickable area in the TIFF needs 5 (private) tags per area: {x, y, width, height, URL} or at least 3 { x, y, URL} using a closest point algorithm.

Drawback: manipulating the image could corrupt the integrity and validity of the area params if they are preserved at all. (integrity tag needed)

Still it offers interesting possibilities...