2004.07.13 22:44 "[Tiff] multi image "no put routine" error", by Kuo-Lin Fang

2004.07.14 15:10 "Re: [Tiff] multi image "no put routine" error", by Frank Warmerdam

Got you. Yes, you are right. The last 4 directories are 16-bit gray scale, so I can not use TIFFReadRGBAImage. But instead, it seems like no function I can use to get the whole gray scale image? Should I use something like TIFFReadEncodedStrip?


Generally speaking, yes, you should drop down to using the strip or tile based reading functions as appropriate, or possibly the scanline based methods.

It is a definate deficiency of the TIFF library that there is no simple function to read any desired window of data from a TIFF file in the TIFF file underlying data type without having to have different cases for different organizations of file. It might be nice for us to add a TIFFReadEncodedWindow() that would work for stripped or tiled files and that also took care of reading all samples regardless of the planarconfig of the file.

However, other than the RGBA interface, libtiff has mostly aimed at providing access to TIFF files in a way as close as possible to the physical representation.

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