2004.07.13 22:44 "[Tiff] multi image "no put routine" error", by Kuo-Lin Fang

2004.07.14 01:56 "Re: [Tiff] multi image "no put routine" error", by Frank Warmerdam

I tried to read a multi image tiff file, and the first directory is successfully showed out. But while the program deals with 2nd to 5th directories, an error popup "no put routine setupl; probably can not handle image format".

I traced to TIFFReadRGBAImageGet function, and found the put method is null. My question is, I am only reading a tiff file, not writing to, why do we need to have put method? and how to write a put method? it's strange that the first directory doesn't have this kind of problem.

Any ideas will be appreciated.


I believe the function it is needing is to "put" the image from the file into your buffer. Can you give a tiffinfo report for the file in question? I would *imagine* the configuration of the subsequent directories is different than the first and the later cases are not supported by the RGBA interface.

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