2004.11.18 18:05 "[Tiff] Using TIFFGetField to get a "Rational"", by Stephen Billard

2004.11.20 16:57 "Re: [Tiff] Using TIFFGetField to get a "Rational"", by Bob Friesenhahn

Other mailing lists use the 'back answer'-field to assure, that the answer-button addresses to the list, and not to the original sender.

About 1/3 the lists I am on do this.

What does this mean?
(Sorry, my mother language is german, not english !)

What I mean is that about 1/3 the mailing lists I am on use the default of "reply to list" rather than "reply to sender". Lists used by very experienced users (in terms of computer literacy and long-term use of Internet email) tend to use a default of "reply to sender", while lists oriented toward less experienced users tend to use a default of "reply to list". Some of the lists I am on (e.g. the GNU software mailing lists) allow postings from people who are not on the list so it is necessary to include the original sender in the reply or they may not receive it.


Bob Friesenhahn