2003.02.28 01:00 "Merge multiple tiff files", by Dan Strandberg

2003.02.28 14:23 "Re: Merge multiple tiff files", by Willy Kelleher

I modified one of the utilities that comes with tifflib to do just that

I had scanned checks as tiff's that I wanted the front image file merged with the back image file and a single file produced with front over back.

I will look for the code and send it but I may have deleted it

I think I modified tiffcmp to write a 3rd file
I had it load 2 input file's and 1 output for writing
I got the wider of the 2 and set the out to that
I set the out height to the total height of 2 inputs
I then looped with readscanline and writescanline through the first then second file
closed all and it worked great
Then I wrote a vb app to create a batch file to batch convert approx 200,000 files and all were perfect.

I couldn't find a utility that would do that.

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