2010.04.29 23:38 "Re: [Tiff] "flexible" mode in TIFFClientOpen ?", by Dmitry Fedorov

2010.04.30 03:30 "Re: [Tiff] Flexible Mode", by Toby Thain

On 30-Apr-10, at 1:09 PM, Dmitry Fedorov wrote:

Would it work for you to simply reset the incorrect tags with tiffset to make the files compliant?

This is not suitable for many reasons, 1) one is that there are MANY microscopes producing hundreds of large 5D images (at least 200MB a file) on a daily basis 2) asking people to run some tool on their images prior to operation is not feasible, we already struggle offering easy-to-use alternative open source software 3) pure knowledge that somebody will modify their file makes biologists shiver, 4) these changes may make the file unreadable by Zeiss's proprietary software and 5) the palette is just one of many examples of incompatibilities (Zeiss is not the only producer of these images).

Sounds like some equipment manufacturers need to Google "TIFF specification".