2000.12.14 13:38 "TIFF/IT", by Bernd Stahlbock

2000.12.14 15:22 "Re(2): TIFF/IT", by Martin Bailey

Am I right in assuming that the final ISO standard, like the draft, does not directly include the TIFF standard but incorporates it by reference?

That is correct.

(Seems sort of weird to me that a standard could leave TIFF itself hanging out there in the air like that, but seemingly that's what they did...)

That's standard practice for standards, if you see what I mean.

In many cases it makes a lot of sense. To take an example the PDF/X-1 standard refers to the PDF and PostScript reference manuals, the TIFF and TIFF/IT specs etc. To include copies of all of them within the body of the standard would lead to potential problems obtaining permission to do so, and to a spec that was two inches thick with stuff that you'd end up having multiple copies of anyway.


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