2001.06.20 11:04 "Adobe Photoshop tag", by Stefan Steuerwald

2001.06.20 12:40 "Re: Adobe Photoshop tag", by Bruno Ledoux

does Adobe disclose the contents of their Photoshop tag (no 34377)? Can anybody give a hint on what might be in it?


This Tag contains a collection of what Adobe calls Image Resource Blocks(IRB), these blocks can contain extra data concerning an image such as Bezier curves, Printing options, IPTC information... Though IRBs cannot be seen as a "standard" like TIFF format, they became a "defacto" standard because of Photoshop leadership in digital imaging(*). If you need more detailed information about it you should download the Adobe PhotoShop SDK from the Adobe web site, you'll find all the information about IRBs in a file named "Photoshop File Formats.pdf".


(*) I am not working for Adobe at all, on the contrary! But I can't deny they have made great things.