2018.05.09 03:45 "[Tiff] Question about transfer function", by Larry Gritz

2018.05.09 23:39 "Re: [Tiff] Question about transfer function", by Graeme Gill

I see ICC profiles occasionally from images that come out of PhotoShop and in some camera-related images, but virtually nothing else. I've never seen a renderer (for example) output an ICC profile to indicate that it represented a linear image, which it usually is.

A renderer is likely to be part of a workflow though, where the color space is implicit in the workflow.

At least, that's the generous interpretation. The less generous but perhaps more realistic interpretation is that the vast majority of programmers working in computer graphics are ignorant of color and the practices of color management, so of course the renderer doesn't tag the colorspace, because the authors don't know any better!

[ In a CGI/movie context, perhaps the color spaces should be tagged with

  an ACES profile rather than an ICC profile. ]


Graeme Gill.