2016.01.25 18:25 "[Tiff] OpenMP enabled libtiff", by Aaron Boxer

2016.01.26 14:22 "Re: [Tiff] OpenMP enabled libtiff", by Fred Rothganger

On 01/26/2016 02:36 AM, Mat Maher wrote:

libTiff performance is governed by two factors:

  1. . Performance of disk read/writes
  2. . Performance of compression/decompression routines (eg CPU)

The latter would benefit enormously from multi-threaded implementation, BUT, will ultimately be throttled by the former.

Just a thought: What if you are writing to a parallel file system? This would involve a number of other issues beyond the scope of the question. In the parallel file system case, you might be running on a cluster computer, with multiple nodes writing to the same effective file.