1999.10.28 10:31 "Stupid TIFF question: tags in ascending order", by Robert Vesterman

1999.10.29 07:15 "Re: Stupid TIFF question: tags in ascending order", by Rainer Wiesenfarth

Hi. The TIFF 6.0 Specification says, "The entries in an IFD must be sorted in ascending order by Tag."

Stupid question: does this mean strictly ascending order? In other words, is it legal to have the same tag twice (or more) in a single IFD? If so, how is a TIFF reader supposed to interpret situations like this? Ignore the earlier tag? Ignore the later tag? Something else?

AFAIK there is no need to add one tag more than once (no one ever had this idea). I found no reference to unique tags in the spec, but I think unique tags are implied. Which tag do you want to use more than once (and why)?


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