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1999.11.30 22:23 "libtiff 3.5.3 release.", by Michael L. Welles
1999.12.01 18:35 "Re: libtiff 3.5.3 release.", by Daniel McCoy
1999.12.02 07:06 "", by Ruediger

1999.12.02 07:06 "", by Ruediger

Covers non-commercial use?? What about if you write your own LZW compression [the algorithm is published and well known]. I have done that in more than one executable.

The way I understand it, Unisys is fine with that as long as you don't distribute it in any way. You can write it, but you can't give it away.

I heared from a case, where the distribution of a ready build product wasn't allowed, so they distributed the parts of the product, to be fetched together by the customer. That works in this case.

I am not a expert/lawer, and I don't know if this would work in this case. Also I usually don't discuss a theme I don't know all the facts, but isn't it a idea to distribute a Toolkit to build a LZW compression algorithm?

e.g. what if we have two components which would be on their own no working LZW compression algorithm, but build together, which must be done by everybody on his own, they would work. So you would not publish the algorithm in that way.