2001.07.09 12:59 "Howto write a text ( endorse) into a tiff ? (maybe a little bit off-topic)", by Bård Kregnes

2001.07.19 11:40 "Re: Howto write a text ( endorse) into a tiff ? (maybe alittle bit off-topic)", by Sim Zacks

Using the libtiff function TiffReadScanline or TiffReadencodedStrip will give you a pointer to the beginning of the raw bits of image. You have to use TiffGetField to grab all the important attributes. To make it into a windows DIB you can use CreateDIBSection this returns you an HBitmap. You can then use GetObject which returns an HDC. To wirte Text onto the image use the DrawText function. After you are finished use one of the libtiff write functions to save your image.

BTW it's been 2 years since I've looked at any of this including the Graphical API, and that was with Windows 95, I may be missing a piece or the API might be different for newer versions of Windows.

Hope this helps