2002.04.29 05:40 "Software: Tiff2Pdf, Pdf being Searchable text", by Subhajyoti Banerjee

2002.04.29 06:02 "Re: Software: Tiff2Pdf, Pdf being Searchable text", by Michael Still

My query is there any software, which converts tiff2pdf? & the pdf text being searchable. Software mentioned in the list e.g. http://www.fastio.com/tiff2pdf.html converts tiff2pdf but the pdf being image (which doesn’t solve my problem as I want live text in the pdf - for searchable purpose).

Panda (http://www.stillhq.com) also does this, arguably better that tiff2pdf (I'm biased though).

If there are any software, which converts tiff to any other pdf intermediate (say post script files), will also serve my purpose.

What you're now asking for is OCR. I am not aware of a product which does this. If you already had the text, then you could just put text boxes behind the image, and it will magically work.


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