2006.12.18 04:18 "[Tiff] libtiff under .NET", by Andrey Revyakin

2006.12.18 06:19 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff under .NET", by Conrad Poelman


Microsoft can sometimes report that same error message ("<whatever>.dll was not found") for a variety of different failures:

  1. DLL not found (not the case, evidently)
  2. DLL found but it depends on another DLL that isn't found
  3. DLL found and all dependent DLLs found but some needed symbols
  4. weren't found in the dependent DLL

I'd run Dependency Walker (DEPENDS.EXE in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\Tools\Bin) on your application and see if it shows libtiff.dll or any other dependent DLLs as missing or missing symbols - missing libraries or symbols will show up in red. (Don't worry about MSJAVA.DLL or MPR.DLL showing up as red, those seem to quite often show up as missing and don't seem to be really needed by anything.)

-- Conrad

On Sun, 17 Dec 2006 20:18:12 -0800, "Andrey Revyakin" <revyakin@stanford.edu> said:

I would like to use libtiff to read and write 16 bit multiframe TIFF files. The application is a .NET MFC.

I was able to compile (nmake) and libtiff.lib and libtiff.dll were created in the libtiff directory. To do that, I followed the recommendations posted in this st WRT removal of references to pixar, jpeg, and zip formats.

However, running my application generates a "libtiff.dll was not found" error. The respective directory (/libtif) is in the path of the compiler, and the .dll *is* there.

Could anyone help? Sorry in advance if it's a dumb question. I am not a programmer; and figuring out the making of the library was already enough of a challenge.

BTW, if multiframe tiffs can not be manipulated by libtiff under .NET on the first place, could you also let me know right away? Then I will just use a binary Matlab format for my 16 bit multiframe data. But being able to make my images portable would be great - that's why i am trying libtiff.

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