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December 2006

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2006.12.18 04:18 "libtiff under .NET", by Andrey Revyakin
2006.12.18 06:19 "Re: libtiff under .NET", by Conrad Poelman
2006.12.18 18:25 "Re: libtiff under .NET", by Edward Lam
2006.12.18 19:02 "Re: libtiff under .NET", by Andrey Revyakin

2006.12.18 04:18 "libtiff under .NET", by Andrey Revyakin

Hi all,

I would like to use libtiff to read and write 16 bit multiframe TIFF files 
. The application is a .NET MFC.

I was able to compile (nmake) and libtiff.lib and libtiff.dll were created 
in the libtiff directory. To do that, I followed the recommendations posted 
in this st WRT removal of references to pixar, jpeg, and zip formats.

However, running my application generates a "libtiff.dll was not found" 
error. The respective directory (/libtif) is in the path of the compiler, 
and the .dll *is* there.

Could anyone help? Sorry in advance if it's a dumb question. I am not a 
programmer; and figuring out the making of the library was already enough 
of a challenge.

BTW, if multiframe tiffs can not be manipulated by libtiff under .NET on 
the first place, could you also let me know right away? Then I will just 
use a binary Matlab format for my 16 bit multiframe data. But being able to 
make my images portable would be great - that's why i am trying libtiff.

Thank you in advance!