2005.12.12 22:19 "[Tiff] Writing EXIF data?", by Paul J. Lucas

2006.01.16 15:33 "Re: [Tiff] TiffReadEncodedStrip - problem in Delphi", by Bob Friesenhahn

But the second one makes me a lot of problems - because I CAN NOT display it! I mean - there are some strange stripes and it doesn't look like it should - simply unrecognizable! Here is a small part of code I use - works fine with first picture.

Why are you handling the fill order in your own code? I believe that libtiff already handles that for you. So you are likely scrambling the data yourself. Also, what does ChangeLinesOrder() do?


BitmapBuff := FBitmap.ScanLine[ FImgHeight - 1];
:= FStripsCnt - 1 downto 0 do for i


read  := TiffReadEncodedStrip( FTiffFile, i, Buff, -1);

if read <> -1 then


if  FFillOrder <> FILLORDER_MSB2LSB then

>       ChangeBitsOrder( Buff, read);
>     ChangeLinesOrder( Buff, BitmapBuff, read);
>     Inc( BitmapBuff, read);


The Bitmap's PixelFormat is of course pf1bit.

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