2007.11.02 20:26 "[Tiff] Recent bug fixes in CVS head", by Frank Warmerdam

2007.11.21 18:52 "[Tiff] tag content size limit?", by Frank Warmerdam


I have run into problems with my attempts to create a TIFF file with 1333333 strips. Attempts to read the the stripoffsets tag results in an error in TIFFReadDirEntryErr() with this logic:

        if ((uint64)(4*1024*1024/typesize)<direntry->tdir_count)
        if ((uint64)(4*1024*1024/desttypesize)<direntry->tdir_count)

The logic seems to assume that any tag contents larger than 4MB likely implies a corrupt file. Is there a particular reason we should put in place such a restriction? Should the restriction be removed? Relaxed? (perhaps upped to any tag value larger than 1GB is likely corruption? or any tag value larger than the file itself is?

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